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About Asayama Ichidenryu

The ancestor is Asayama Ichidensai Shigeaki.It is said to be a person of Usui, Joshu.

Currently, various techniques such as sword, Iai, sickle, stick, and body art are handed down.

In addition, Takeishi Kenso is also a successor of Muhiryu, and Muhiryu-iaijyutsu is also handed down in the mainstream and incorporated into the practice system.

The Asayama Ichidenkai was organized by the 21st generation Osaki Kiyoshi, and has endeavored to preserve and pass down the style, leading to the 22nd generation Seki Nobuhide.

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Characteristics of style
Asayama Ichiden style weapon set

It is a comprehensive martial art that conveys swords, Iai, sickles, sticks, and physical arts. Fifty-three wooden swords, twenty-six Iai, about fifty small swords and no swords, eighteen sickles, thirty Muhiruyu-iaijyutsu, and more than two hundred swords have been handed down.


All foot movements are Shumokuashi, the center of gravity is low, and it turns right and left and does not face.
* Shumokuashi: A footstep that opens the left toe outward.


There are many techniques for hitting a sword with a sword, and there are remnants of old armor martial arts.


Iai is all teamed up with the other party, there is no single Iai, and there are many two-sword Iai.
In addition, there is no blood sway because there are many extractions with the blade down.


In the courtesy, there are no gods, swords, etc., and only the courtesy to the place that may kill you.

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Asayama Ichidenryu / Asayama Ichidenkai / Asayama Ichidenryu Military Art
〒306-0126 1779-5 Morokawa, Koga City, Ibaraki Prefecture Kodo Hyakurenkan

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